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This offers a chance to take sailing to a new level. Kites are faster and create a direstion of pull that allows a boat to cover ground downwind without hulls diggin in to surf. The natural lifting of the kite keeps hulls from diggin into the back of swell and surf.

Kites are an Eco friendly source of power that has not been truly thought about. With modern meterials and computer design kites could be used to drag boats from place to place. That said, the purpose of this trip is to get the ball rolling. In the future Kites could be used within yachting as a new form of Spiniker.

However the main aim of the challenge is to enjoy the expieriance of challenge. The thrill of kiteboating cannot be underestimated on a recent trip were cruising at 25knts in a 16 ft hull. The speed excitement and skill all play a big part of this challenge.

We are also raising awareness and money for the Ellen MacArthur Trust  For all the outstanding work they do in bringing people to sailing. Please visit there site and make a donation.


 Kite boat Leaving Yaverland Bay. 21mtr Gaastra Phonix - Dart 16 Hull.